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Easy Venter glacier tour

Multi-day hikes

A wonderful hike through the Ötztaler Mountains with an easy glacier crossing and enchanting peaks, such as the Fluchtkogel and Similaun. Overnight stays in the Vernagt hut, Brandenburger House, Schöne Aussicht and Similaun hut. Daily walking times between 4 and 6 hours.

Meeting point at 9.00 am at the Mountain Guides office in Vent – Haus Hubertus, we then take the chairlift to the Stablein alm and ascend to the Breslauer hut 2,844 m (1 ½ hrs.). After a pause we hike via the Seufert path onwards to the Vernagt hut 2,766 m (2 ½ hrs.).

Climb via the Guslar glacier to the Fluchtkogel 3,500 m (3 hrs.) and further via the Kesselwand glacier to the Brandenburger House 3,277 m (1 ½ hrs.). In the evening we have the possibility of ascending the Dahmannspitze 3,400 m for the amazing sunset experience.

Descent via the Kessselwand glacier and the Delorette path to the Hochjoch Hospiz 2,414 m (2 ½ hrs.) and further through the valley to the Schönen Aussicht 2,842 m (3 ½ hrs.).

Via the Hochjoch glacier and the Schwarze Wand we climb to the Hauslabjoch 3,279 m (3 hrs.) and down to visit the Ötzi discovey site at 3,210 m and the Similaun hut 3,019 m (1 ½ hrs.).

The highlight of the week, the climb to the Similaun summit 3,606 m, an ascent of 2 ½ hrs via the Niederjochferner. Descent to the Martin Busch hut 2,501 m (3 hrs.) and out through the Niedertal to Vent (1 ½ hrs.).

Easy Venter glacier tourEasy Venter glacier tourEasy Venter glacier tourEasy Venter glacier tour
  • Tour Nr. 27:   04.07. - 08.07.2022
  • Tour Nr. 28:   18.07. – 22.07.2022       
  • Tour Nr. 29:   01.08. - 05.08.2022       
  • Tour Nr. 30:   15.08. – 19.08.2022     
  • Tour Nr. 31:   29.08. - 02.09.2022       
  • Tour Nr. 32:   12.09. – 16.09.2022 

Price per person incl. half board: € 740,-
with at least four participants

Registration & Accommodation
Mountain Guides Office Vent

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